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The staff and management of Sheraton Home Care Services understand that it is a privilege to come into your home, and that we must earn your trust. With our dedicated staff, we offer affordable help to families caring for elderly loved ones by providing compassionate, professional caregiving support.

At Sheraton Home Care Services, we believe that you should live life on your own schedule, eat the food you like, sleep in your own bed, and continue to do the activities that you enjoy. We work with you to design the service schedules that perfectly suit your needs and fit within your budget.

Our services include:

For more information about each service, simply click on the item that you are interested in. However, we also encourage you to browse through our other service programs and see if you can benefit from them as well.

Our personalized services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call us now at 203-792-2273 for assistance.

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