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Client Testimonials

  1. Just started services with Sheraton, I was a bit reluctant and doubting but we off to a good start. The professional staff have my vote of confidence.

    Kerry Steele
  2. Sheraton Homecare provided an aide for my mom that matched wonderfully to the needs we have.

  3. Sheraton Home Care’s services have impacted our lives because I don’t have to spend as much time worrying about my mother. Their services have been a blessing to my family.

  4. The most important thing to me is that the caregivers from Sheraton Home Care have been a joy to have in my home. They are very warm and caring

  5. Sheraton Home Care has been satisfactory. They have been reliable, and the caregivers show up. The bills are always correct as well.

  6. Sheraton Home Care is a good agency. I’m pleased with the people who work there. They’re very nice and caring. My Sheraton Home Care caregiver is extremely helpful. They take care of my loved one, and they help him with bathing and shaving.

  7. My mom has been difficult, and I live 90 miles from her home. Sheraton Home Care has helped me big time by caring for my mother and helping me to relax by knowing that she is in good hands.

  8. caregiver and seniorThe caregivers from Sheraton Home Care engage my mother as opposed to sitting. They interact with my mom, and they get her involved so she doesn’t have to give up any part of her life. They help her to cook if she would like, or they do activities

  9. I chose Sheraton Home Care because my mother was in the hospital, and someone needed to come to stay with her. Sheraton Home Care was able to help, even on Christmas Day

  10. The caregivers from Sheraton Home Care get my mother out of the house to shop or go to the doctors. They communicate in a nice way with my mother.

  11. caregiver and seniorEvery time I call in, they are available, and they stick by in difficult situations. Sheraton Home Care’s office is very responsive. When I have a question, the office answers right away. They go right to the house if there is any issue. The caregivers from Sheraton Home Care are a good match because my mother can be difficult, but the caregivers are very good at making my mother feel comfortable and engaging her. It makes something good out of a difficult situation

  12. My mom has been difficult, and I live 90 miles from her home. Sheraton Home Care has helped me big time by caring for my mother and helping me to relax by knowing that she is in good hands. The managers are very responsive to people’s needs. They are good with elderly people and their families.

  13. caregiver and senior smilingSheraton Home Care always tries their best, and they get the staff to do their job. Sheraton Home Care is a very ethical and reputable company. They fit the staff to the customer.

  14. Sheraton Home Care has made life easier by sending me an excellent caregiver. When I don’t feel good, they are great with me.

  15. caregiver and senior holding handsThe caregiver from Sheraton Home Care shows a good work ethic is very attentive, and will call me right away if there is a problem. There is nothing Sheraton Home Care can do to improve my satisfaction with their services. I really lucked out when I found them.

  16. We chose Sheraton Home Care after researching various agencies online and they seemed to be the agency best equipped to provide the care that my mother needed.

  17. Because of Sheraton Home Care, I don’t have to do the things as if I was alone, I can’t do without them. My spouse and I both use walkers.

  18. In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. Sheraton Home Care Services was recommended to me by a caregiver in the facility that my mother lives in and after mother’s fall we did not want her to be alone. The owner was not only available at short notice with a lovely live-in aide but both my brother and I are glad that mom could continue to live in the assisted living with the help of her caregiver. Keep up the good work!

    The Goldberg Family
  19. caregiver and senior smilingConcierge services with professional caregivers. Having used other services for many years it was no secret that I knew exactly what I was looking for when my mother’s caregiver returned to the Caribbean. Silas was not only an excellent listener but he took the time with the Nurse to speak to my mother and include her in the care assessment. Both Mom and Dad agreed that change was difficult but change was good in the case of the Mildred our caregiver from Sheraton Home Care Services. I’ m consistently impressed by the professionalism of every staff member I have come in contact with. Thank you!

  20. I would like to thank Sheraton Home Care Services and the people working for them for the excellent care they have given me. They have gone out of their way from the first appointment to make me feel special. I would recommend their services for anyone in need.

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